Your obligations

If you are a supplier of chemical products, you must classify, label and pack your substances and mixtures in compliance with CLP regulations. Your obligations will depend upon your role in the supply chain.

Suppliers may have one or several roles:
•    Manufacturer of substances or mixtures
•    Importer of substances or mixtures
•    Producer of specific products
•    Downstream user, including formulator and reimporter
•    Distributor, including retailer

If you are putting a hazardous substance on the market, you must inform the ECHA of its classification and labelling within the month in which you market the substance for the first time.

For importers, one month is calculated as from the date on which a substance, (whether in its own right or included in a mixture), is physically introduced into the EU customs area.

Click this link to view the guide to drafting of MSDSs:

•    Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheets

For which products are MSDSs required?

•    All hazardous products, substances or mixtures
•    Non-hazardous products but if requested by the client
•    Mixtures with at least 1 hazardous substance, as per REACH
•    + special cases

New requirements:

•    New classification system
•    New miscellaneous concentration limits
•    Labelling


•    The deadlines differ according to the format of your available MSDSs or the MDSDs on the market for the product(s) concerned.
Other obligations:
•    The free distribution of MSDSs, in the client’s language
•    Updating when changes are made or new information becomes available concerning the secure use of the products, with redistribution.
•    Managing the input and output of information concerning your raw materials and/or commercial products

Please note that if you fail to respect your obligations, you risk a number of penalties!