Quick-MSDS offers a tailored service. We can handle the complete or partial management of your MSDSs according to your needs.

Services for your material safety data sheets (MSDS):

•    The complete drafting of your Material Safety Data Sheets (put in a link to the explanation + link to contact)
•     Updating your sheets
•     Checking your existing sheets and updating them if required.
•     Translating your sheets into any European language

FDS MSDS management:

•    In-house/via intranet (We can work on your premises using your programs)
•    Externally/via extranet (We work on our premises using our own programs)
•    Management of all incoming information concerning your sheets
•    Dispatch to your clients. Before supplying your products to your clients, you are required to supply them with MSDSs free of charge in paper or electronic form. This requirement ensures that the analysis of risks related to the use of these products may be performed before they are actually used.
•    Of your suppliers with appropriate updates

Other associated services:

•    Issuing replies to your clients concerning the content of your MSDSs
•    APC documents (Anti-Poison Centre)
•    Safety instruction card (cards summarising the measures to be taken)
•    MSDSs via QR code (coming soon)
•    Inventory status. We check if your product is authorised in the intended countries.

Each company has its own budget and its own way of working. Fully aware of this, we always propose a tailored solution adapted to your needs. Whether managed totally or partially, in-house, externally or through a combination of the two, each service is adapted to your needs and commitment-free!

Contact us for further information, and we will be delighted to discuss your situation with you.