A little information on the regulations:


– Material safety data sheets are the main means of ensuring that manufacturers and importers supply sufficient information throughout the supply chain to guarantee the safe use of their substances and mixtures.



The material safety data sheets contain information concerning the characteristics of the substance, its dangers and instructions regarding its handling, disposal and transportation in addition to first aid, fire protection and exposure control measures.




– The CLP is a regulation concerning the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures, the purpose of which is to facilitate international trade in chemical products, while maintaining existing protection levels for health and the environment.
This regulation aligns the former EU legislation on the classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances with that of the GHS (the Global Harmonized System for the classification and labelling of chemical products). The GHS is a United Nations system which facilitates the identification of hazardous chemical products and to inform users of these dangers through the use of standardised symbols and phrases on the packaging labels and through material safety data sheets (FDS).


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