When should MSDSs be supplied?

As a supplier, you must supply a material safety data sheet in the following cases:

•    A substance (and, as from June 1, 2015, a mixture) classified as hazardous in compliance with the CLP regulation;
•    A mixture classified as hazardous in compliance with the “Dangerous Preparations” directive (until June 1, 2015);
•    A persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic substance (PBT) or a Very persistent and very
bio-accumulative substance  (vPvB), under the terms of the REACH regulation (schedule XIII) or
•    A substance included on the candidate list of substances of very high concern (SVHC).

Sous certaines conditions, certains mélanges ne répondant pas aux critères pour être classés comme dangereux requièrent aussi une fiche de données de sécurité.

Under certain conditions, certain mixtures which do not meet the necessary criteria to be classified as dangerous will also require a material safety data sheet. Specific situations requiring the updating and publication of a new material safety data sheet:

•    When new information concerning hazards or information likely to affect risk management methods becomes available.
•    When a REACH authorisation is granted or refused.
•    When a REACH restriction is imposed.

Suppliers send the updated material safety data sheet free of charge to all previous recipients to whom they have supplied the substance or mixture over the last 12 months. (Extract from the ECHA- https://echa.europa.eu/safety-data-sheets)

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What are the applicable penalties?